Hi everyone on the ; I'm searching for a good gnu linux app for . A good . Right now ekiga look abandoned, empathy is "not good enough" (crash on call, sip module not stable). It would be great if it's not too "gtk3 dependent" (Small debian stable kde installation). Anyone using voip here ? :)

@tomasino Thanks. I just tried it but it fail to connect to my account; It warned me that the features/protocols my server exposes would need me to get a paid version. And when I try to set it up manually it simply fail to connect whatever I put in it.. So.. I gave up on it.

@patrik I tried it. Linephone do work like expected for ip to ip call. But calling a DID (real number) look broken. The program crash with a segfault (debian 10 stable) on my workstation. :(

@df5t0rw Not quite what you're asking for, but the stock Android phone app supports SIP.

@mansr Yeah, I was using that before. The problem is that android is "linux'ish" without the "gnu" part. And the privacy issues with an android phone, even the aosp, are too much for the kind I data I play with. That make me think about the librem 5 phone that upstreamed a gtk voip app... I'll check into that.

I use a sailfishOS phone and there is no native voip support as far as I know. I was looking for a desktop app first ^^'

@df5t0rw I've heard that Jami can work as a normal SIP client.

@df5t0rw I've been using Jami with familly and mumble with friends. Heard Jami has a good SIP support, though I only use the p2p calls!

@df5t0rw Maybe the old Jitsi software? Dunno if it's still maintained, tough...

@df5t0rw There's a KDE app called Banji but it's not in any Debian. The canonical Linux VOIP client may be Jitsi, also not in Debian but the dev makes a deb available for download.

@bthylafh Thanks for the discovery; It's indeed a KDE jitsi client. But it look like it's lagging behind the "gtk release" fo the backend/security features. I'll investigate.

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