Yes! DaVinci Resolve on #Manjaro #Linux, working flawlessly. Despite it being easier to install Manjaro fresh rather than switching to Nvidia with non-free drivers, after that it was effortless. It's now easier to install Resolve on Manjaro than on deb based as the AUR install just works out of the box.

Now I don't need a second Linux or Windows for Resolve work, I'm one major step towards leaving Windows behind, and no more leaving my daily driver just for video editing. Wanted this for ages!

@freedcreative Well I was wondering if it was a good video editing software and I installed it. All I can say for now is that is a heavy one (A package of more than 2go on archlinux).

@df5t0rw It's a hefty size, but part of the reason is is has four full programs combined. NLE (edit page), VFX & compositing (fusion page), color grading, sound editing (fairlight page).

For cutting together basic YouTube videos it's not really needed, Kdenlive will do the job, but for more demanding projects it's the reason I don't have to use Adobe software outside of very specific situations.


@freedcreative Yeah it may be non-free but it is indeed a great alternative.

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