I am really disappointed with GNOME + Debian, on testing.

Autoupdates that force you to reboot & harass you if you dont.

Random bugs here and there.

No screenrecording with a program in the Debian repos.

There is an Xorg option on GDM screen but login loops.

Settings that don't set the setting they're supposed to set.

It is both windows like & troublesome. I feel like I'm going back to i3wm+my scripts soon. Maybe I should give elementaryOS another try in between, and try Arch after that.


@cadadr I did that... I left debian and tested eOs. eOs feed me up with it's old base, old kernel (no latess intel support.. Problematic for my with a laptop with bubblebee) (if you update it manualy you get a loot of random bugs) and a growing interest to force people to pay for stuff otherwise free on other distro. Then I got back on archlinux and I'm at peace again... For now ;)

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