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Coming up in less than ONE HOUR, after Organized Chaos with @MG :


THURSDAY 0100-0200 UTC


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I went out on my lunch break and created a video. I'm not sure if the audio is loud enough, I have some bluetooth headphones if it is too quiet.

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Settled, my Instagram account is no more. Two of three goals finished, one to go! (Yahoo account)

I totally forgot to post my playlist from last night's THINLY VEILED HOSTILITY show on aNONradio, because I was so excited to talk to DJ @snowdusk_ on OpenVOIP! it is. Thanks to everyone who listened and to all the DAMGUDCYBERCHATTERS at @SDF

Thanks for listening to

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join us on SDF COMMODE chat or IRC ( 'anonradio' channel while listening to awesome tunes from "Thinly Veiled Hostility" with DJ @developer !!!

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"Organized Chaos" with DJ G.Love @MG now livestreams 3 times a week! 👏👏👏

DJ G.Love's DJ page 👉

What about you? Are you creative and reliable? Do you want your own show on aNONradio? Free slots are still available! All formats (talk, music, etc.) and musical genres are welcome! To find out how to become a DJ/host on aNONradio, please go to:


Coming up in 30minutes! A brutal episode of THINLY VEILED HOSTILITY. 0100-0200 UTC.

Fun for the whole family!

Who is this woman on the bike, and why does she think she is Satan?

Let's find out on....

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