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Conseil du lundi: Ne jamais mettre un gros tas de livres bien lourds sur la dernière étagère du haut dans un meuble un peu pourri.
La vingtaine de volumes du Littré et les 23 tomes de l'encyclopédia universalis m'ont loupé de peu hier soir...

"New Blacksmith Exploit Bypasses Current Rowhammer Attack Defenses"
"The tendency in DRAM manufacturing is to make the chips denser to pack more memory in the same size which inevitably results in increased interdependency between memory cells, making Rowhammer an ongoing problem," Google's open-source team said last week,"

TPM sniffing
"we reproduced Denis Andzakovic’s proof-of-concept showing that it is possible to read and write data from a BitLocker-protected device (for instance, a stolen laptop) by sniffing the TPM key from the LCP bus."

"Everyone Is a Genius: Apple Will Offer Parts and Tools for DIY Repairs"
Except that you won't be abble to use recycled spare parts from other devices, but buy new parts from Apple stores with i believe a consequent price...
BUT it's a good direction ! :)

"Demain, des analyses dessineront le visage d'une personne avec son âge biologique", prédit le professeur. "On est encore à l'âge de pierre". 👀

"Wireless information transfer with fast neutrons"
"Fast neutrons propagate significantly in free space with interaction properties that contrast markedly with those of electromagnetic radiation, the latter being fundamental to most wireless communications. [...] We demonstrate the potential of fast neutron radiation as a medium for wireless communications for applications where conventional electromagnetic transmission is either not feasible or is inherently limited."

Since yesterday's night, Elasticsearch is still indexing my Nextcloud instance... 118Go used memory continuously... 👀

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