@EdS @penguin42 Interesting experiment with the actual execve in FreeBSD 😀
Happy to see it's on the good path:
"How not to execve()"

@penguin42 It's beautiful :) And the explanation is very clear and straightforward.

I've got the feeling that something happened on the SDF instance with the following / followers...
I have lost people i follow. Am i alone with that symptoms ?

Did you saw that ? pkexec vulnerability since day 1 allow local priv escalation
The only actual workaround:
chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pkexec

Some nice projects here: 😈
"Recovering redacted information from pixelated videos"

S'il y a des gens qui ont une machine chez sur laquelle ils font tourner des services externes dans des , j'aurai une ou deux questions concernant la nécessité ou pas de prendre une ip supplémentaire...
RT apprécié :) Par avance merci

J'ai toujours été amusé par l'enthousiasme des titres des méthodes à mimil... 😁

@xue@shitposter.club @verita84
What you mean by terminal cable ?
comm ?

@penguin42 You're correct ! :D it's the mouse and keyboard connectors.
The mouse is connected to the keyboard which in turn is connected to the apollo station. There is a foolproof on the cables and on the keyboiard :)

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