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"Developers of the LastPass password manager have patched a vulnerability that made it possible for websites to steal credentials for the last account the user logged into using the Chrome or Opera extension.": arstechnica.com/information-te

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"The U.S. Navy has confirmed that three online videos purportedly showing UFOs are genuine. The service says the videos, taken by Navy pilots, show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but also states that the clips should have never been released to the public in the first place."

Do you remember some weeks ago when there were explosion in siberian nukes rocket center ? Guess what apparently happend on monday: thebulletin.org/2019/09/an-exp
And remember the weapons race is up... What could go wrong ?

Je me demande comment tu envisages ta vie après avoir dit de tellement grosses conneries que tu doives démissionner de tes mandats et activités professionnelles...

*cough cough* "Marketing Analytics Company Leaks Deep Profiles of Entire Ecuador Population":
The leaked database [...] includes records for 20 million individuals, gleaned from Ecuadorian government registries, an automotive association called Aeade, and the Ecuadorian national bank (El Banco del Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social, or Biess for short). Some of the entries are for deceased persons. Ecuador has about 16.5 million citizens in total.

Download 91,000 Historic Maps from the Massive David Rumsey Map Collection openculture.com/?p=1065397

"But it’s unclear whether all T-Mobile customers can have NOPORT or how effective it really is. T-Mobile doesn't even inform customers that it exists. I learned about it from a tipster, and then confirmed that it is indeed real.
I was able to activate the feature on my own T-Mobile account by calling customer service and asking for it to be put on the account, but the company has declined to answer specific questions about the feature."

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