I just spent 3 days to dig in a lot of logs from extcloud, lot of forums, etc... Because the insstance couldn't connect to the Nextcloud appstore. And i realised this afternoon that the troubles came from my browser. It was just a lib update used by firefox... I must be tired...

Quand tu veux gâter ton et que finalement non, tu trouveras autre chose... 👀

Petite surprise matinale...
Ça va le pigeon, on ne s'emmerde pas trop ?
Passe moi le K&R tant que tu es là et ne chie pas sur flipper stp !

And tomorrow, i would receive this to print for it a beautiful black coat

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New Book to read today :)
This one is really interesting. 6 historical Shabak heads interviewed.

The AC alimentations for the 2 Sun Netra 240 just arrived ! :)

Dites, vous savez comment ça s'entretient ce genre de trucs ? 🤔

After all it seems that it's only a kind of clock signal.
Choux blanc !

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On the red cable i've got a square signal like a clock ? and on the black one, the signal is like a sawtooth...

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