Did someone already used this Logic analyser with linux / BSD ?

@dervishe Do you know if it's based on a Cypress CY7C68013 ? If true, I use one and it works perfectly.

(For people who may be interested in details, this IC I is a generic USB periferal controller that can be pressed into a pretty fast sampler. It has a 8051-based core and firmware can be stored in an external EEPROM or uploaded to RAM at USB enumeration time. For the later case, Sigrok has a fully open source replacement.)

@fedops thanks for your reply :)
Yes i've discovered this since yesterday. And it works like a charm. Even better, this model is supported by sigrok .)
Frankly for the price (approx 130€) it's seems to be a good investment. :)

@dervishe sounds good. There's even a plan B then if it's supported by sigrok. 👌

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