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The @retrotink2 5X is now shipping, and we just got ours yesterday. Come and join us for our Premiere at 12:30 Central to check out our unboxing and initial setup of the .

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When I was a kid I had Amiga 500. I played really cool game called: "Flashback". The INTRO was amazing.

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progress while watching @EvoluteGames's stream.

Hurting baddies and eventually killing them.
Baddies don't hurt you when stunned.
Screen shake.
Can exit to title screen including fade.
Sound fx added ( useful to mention for a GIF Jett !)

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QEMU JIT running on PiStorm 🤣 Slow as molasses so far but a start

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The @AerospaceCorp predicts China's Long March 5B core stage will make its uncontrolled reentry early next week (01:00 UTC May 10, +/- 41 hours)

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The Eta Aquarid meteor shower of 2021 peaks this week. Here's how to see it.

Happy Birthday #amiga
Here's a picture that I found today. Probably circa 1994 or 5. The Large PC case to the right is actually a case for 3-6 SCSI hard drives, and a tape drive. #retrobattlestation Feel free to AMA about the old gear.

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Your girl's a part of the Bad Batch! You better get on my good side and like this photo... Or else! 😈
(Happy Star Wars Day)

#homemade #ISA #cardcage form my #homebrew boards. I found some heavily oxidized copper boards, so I decided to try creating a makeshift cage for my #micro8088. I'd say the result is ... Decent. #homebrewcomputing

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GrapheneOS 2021.05.04.01 release:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the changes since the previous release.

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PLA and VIC are defective. Not getting any sound and tried a few SIDs, including an ARMSID and swapped C13, but no audio on either the DIN jack or RF. More troubleshooting ahead.

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Amiberry - der Amiga Emulator für ARM-basierende Boards (u.a. Raspberry Pi, ASUS Tinkerboard, Odroid XU4) - wurde in Version 4.1.2 veröffentlicht

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A big bird guarding a big nest at Mid-Y station of @LIGOWA. Did you know that thirsty ravens used to make then-mystery noise in our detector by pecking ice forming around liquid nitrogen vent? Scientists at @LIGO found about that in 2017, and..

During its July 2020 Venus flyby, skimmed through Venus’ upper atmosphere. It took the first direct measurements there in 30 years and discovered a natural radio signal that confirms some surprising changes.

🎧⬇️ Listen to the data.

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Okay everyone, I've got a video game preservation tragedy here, make sure you're sitting down.

We were recently gifted a pile of loose EPROMs for video game console games from the 90s. I spent a lot of last week identifying and connecting them. Here's the results. (1/?)

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