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Open Sau...Source!

The first video in our brand-new series of animations from the marvellous Sam Alder is now live on @YouTube:


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Well, fixing the SHIFT issue was pretty easy, so here's another tweet from my keyboard, with capital letters and hashtags :).

Oh, joypad is working, too... and with all buttons!

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This popped up on my retro radar today👉 The VIC-II has a new best friend – Introducing the BeamRacer (by Mad Hackers Lab, @beam_racer), a groundbreaking expansion card for the Commodore 64. Learn all about it at beamracer.net/site/.

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This is Johannes Kepler in a letter he wrote in 1610 telling Galileo that they need to do more telescopic observations of the Moon and Jupiter before spacecraft missions start visiting those planets. Yep, this conversation actually happened...in 1610 🤯

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Who is excited for the @SpaceX human launch this Wednesday? We will have @KevlarCondom live on stream to talk about the launch so tune in at 12pm Pacific & we will be going deep before the launch 🚀 twitch.tv/Barnacules

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Knight Rider - had quite a few requests for this one and no wonder because it's a total banger

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As the successor to the VIC-20, the 64 was initially to be named VIC-40, as a nod to the 40 column display. It was released to market as the Commodore 64. Here's an early VIC-40 spec sheet contributed to us by Andy Finkel.

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Cold cuts are the greatest invention in food history.

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Brought together my maker and AR brains to make this number 8 for 36 days of augmented reality typography.

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Heads up, pre-order page now open for the

The Mini PET is the micro computer of your Future.


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Spinning up a stream...

��Live : twitch.tv/defrisselle?6390

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Live from the Kayak: First Time on the Water this Season

It's ! ☀️ The Sun is dynamic and complicated, driving a vast space weather system that affects Earth and beyond. On this episode of @NASA’s Curious Universe podcast, explore the star in our backyard with solar scientists from NASA and @JHUAPL: go.nasa.gov/2WLaIzf

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Playing games I have never played tonight starting 8pm CEST (in about 2 hours). Maybe I'll have a beer, too. twitch.tv/thejanbeta

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The Kilopower reactor is tiny, and it could power the spacecraft of the future. pst.cr/XsLKq

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