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The problem is not people being uneducated.
The problem is that people are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught, and not educated enough to question anything from what they have been taught. 🧠

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It's time to bring back the with Raspberry Pi Pico! To this prize, you need to us on Twitter and this post. We will choose TWO lucky winners next Friday (4th June).
🟩Also learn more about our Pico Contest:

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We choo-choo-choose today's blog post as one of our favourites for the week. Why? Because, deep down, who doesn't love a model railway? Especially when it's controlled by a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico!

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Is this a first for Amiga emulation?
Real time loading of Amiga floppy disks directly into the emulator. No ripping or downloading ADF's, just real floppy media and a USB drive.
Official Cave Dwellers are now enjoying this at - Join us!

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And behold! Ram tests now passing. Big thanx to @CommodoreLad and @AdamJWilson1995 for the cpu tipoff.

Another one saved ;) well actually now that the problem is solved I’ll put the 6510 back in the breadbin & probably put the 8701 in a 64c longboard I want to get going again

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From the Eric Carle Team: It is with heavy hearts that we share that Eric Carle, author & illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and many other beloved classics, passed away on 23rd at the age of 91.

Thank you for sharing your talent with generations of young readers.

Watch the construction of the first 3D-printed residential building in Germany by Peri Group.

The detached house features two stories and a triple-skin cavity wall.

Credit: IG printedbyprusa

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Freenode admins hijacked the and -offtopic channels due to us migrating to Matrix rooms:

They removed our channel moderation privileges, changed the topic and set the channel to invite-only preventing users from joining/rejoining.

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STAR WARS was released on this day [May 25] in 1977!

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I know we have posted a lot of content around the @retrotink2 5x, & when @ToddsNerdCave of RetroFrog share that he was designing a vertical stand for the RetroTink 5x, I knew I needed one. Come hang out at our premiere as we check out his amazing design!

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Now that the BBC is working I can start cleaning it.

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A composite image of last night's moon, presented in 55 megapixels for your enjoyment. The colors are completely real, and a result of saturating the surface to reveal the mineral composition.

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First proper test of the @Raspberry_Pi HQ camera using @elinux Pi Web Can Interface. Send everyone in the house the URL and they didn't have to get cold too, or bump the scope, or ask for a look.

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Here we go! pixel perfect native video capture trough the CSI2 port is up and running

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Oh baby we gonna paarrr-taaayyyy! SOLAS RGB Sync + @djh0ffman AMIGGAAAAA!!!! 2pm EDT/6pm UTC/7pm BST/8pm CEST LINK:

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At Commodore-Amiga, every week there was an executive staff meeting. Bob Pariseau would send out a summary to everyone at C-A after the meeting.
Here's a couple of examples from April 1985 scanned and contributed by @aflyingcat

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Some more upgrade work on this
Making good progress with my refurbishment :)

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All back together. Also tied off much better than before

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