Francesca Vidotto: The Quantum Properties of Space-Time | JSTOR Daily

Theoretical physicist Francesca Vidotto on feminist epistemology, white holes, string theory, and her book (with Carlo Rovelli) on loop quantum gravity.

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I worked on this for just over an hour, it is going to be a relatively fast build once the remaining parts come in. The only original parts will be the obvious SID, VIC-II, CIAs, ROMS, PLA & CPU.

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I’ve finally ported my I2C6502 library to C64 OS. It’s 3-pages, relocatable, using the KERNAL’s new multipage relocatable loader. And, the I2C rtc driver (also relocatable) detects if the I2C lib is installed, if not it installs it, then uses it to fetch the date/time! 😁

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Clearest view of Moon's surface ever recorded thanks to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter.
Not only does it provide stunning footage, but it's mapping data will be essential for the 2024 human mission to the lunar surface.

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Attention enthusiasts - my breadbin powered on for a second before dying, and hasn’t worked since. Anything obvious I should be looking for? I have very little electronics knowledge!

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Question to all the experts out there: I'm working on a sick A4000. One possible fault is it's reporting ECS Agnus in Sysinfo in NTSC mode. Shows Alice in PAL. ShowConfig looks OK in WB3.1. Is this a fault?

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Nuff chatter, more code and progress. Animated!

Yeah yeah, no game yet. Slow but steady! And yes, still using Lattice over SAS/C

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SpaceX: " we can't launch because of bad weather" The Soyuz:

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Mama and Papa Roy are here!! Let's put them (and you!) to the test and play some Nerdy Bartender trivia!

Jupiter Has Trapped a Comet in a Bizarre Orbit - Sky & Telescope

Jupiter has captured an icy comet from the outer solar system. The comet's bizarre orbit will bring it back for another super-close pass in 2063.

"Confirmed" --The Presence of an Earth Around the Nearest Star | The Daily Galaxy

  ESPRESSO, the successor to HARPS, one of most productive and precise planet hunters, “has made it possible to measure the mass of the planet with a precision of over one-tenth of the mass of Earth. It’s completely unheard of,” says Michel Mayor, mission architect. Mayor is winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2019 […]

I think it’s going to need a bit of cleaning. Been in my mom’s basement for over 25 years.

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On this day 12 years ago was the first self replication of any RepRap 3D printer.

Happy Birthday RepRap!

Here's a picture from that day with @adrianbowyer and @VikOlliver and the parent and child RepRap printers.

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Thank you to everyone who joined in on the Nerdy Bartender Season 2 Watch Party!

That was such a blast!

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So I did a second 3D printing project with my : An all in one computer using a Model 4.
I inspired my CAD design on the 600/1200 models and used an old Pok3r keyboard on top with some printed key caps. I called it "Commodore Emilia"

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