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I'd like to welcome @nightpool as co-chair of the W3C Social Web Community Group, along with myself and @aaronpk!

It's been obvious that we needed more help for some time. @nightpool has consistently been a positive participant in the group and I'm happy to have them help us in community organization and governance.

Great keynotes today at #seagl2019! First @mako rocked it giving us a thoughtful snapshot on where the #softwarefreedom movement is and where we need to go, and now Sage Sharp is getting started on how we can change our culture to reduce #impotersyndrome

A secretive girl heard the calls of his friends on a shining blue surface

Joyeux dimanche du #cdl2019 .
Les premières conférences ont commencé, l'entrée est libre, n'hésitez pas à passer @INP_ENSEEIHT @capitoledulibre à côté du marche de St Aubin

Linus Torvalds: Git is a distributed version control system, which means even if you lose a remote, you still have your local copy, so your code is safe, unlike centralized VCSes.

Developer Community: wut?

Microsoft: Hmm. How about you use our Visual Studio Online and push it to GitHub, both hosted on our computers, so that you don't have a local copy?

Developer Community: Yaay! Such innovation! Very cloud! Much wow! 🎉

Trump: Thou shall not use US services.

Developers: Where's my code? 😭

As I've been asked what the link is between @glimpse and @forktogether a few times now:

* We share some of their contributors
* Glimpse's fediverse presence runs on a Florence Mastodon instance
* Florence project provided us with advice as we scaled, and we sometimes discuss sharing tools/resources

Currently that's it! Glimpse project is run by different people with our own governance system, code of conduct & tooling. 🙂

We also use Matrix for project communications, they use Mattermost. 👍

I find the idea of Chrome adding "speed badges" to websites concerning, mostly because Google will be the sole arbiter of what counts as "fast" or "slow".

eg. This could easily be used to reinforce their monopolistic behaviour with AMP

As people keep making the same point... 😂

That last sentence was intended to mean "banning cop accounts does not help you evade law enforcement".

I am not telling you not to boycott cop accounts for political, moral or self-care reasons if that's something you want to do. The whole point of being on the fediverse is you have the freedom and flexibility to do that 🙂

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Friendly reminder that your DMs and "followers only" posts are all visible to your instance administrator, who (in addition to their hosting provider) can be compelled with a warrant to disclose the contents to law enforcement.

If you want to organize political protests or engage in activities that law enforcement would take an interest in, fediverse servers are not the right place to do that.

Banning cop/law enforcement accounts literally does nothing to help you, just FYI.

rackspace has many remote openings ( also jobs in offices like San Antonio, Austin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Cardiff )

ObjectRocket, a subsidiary, is also hiring. We do #MongoDB, #Elastic, #Redis, #CockroachDB and #Hadoop. Our new platform is #Kubernetes. We use #Ansible and many languages, especially #python and #java

let me know if you're interested in one of our openings

#SeaGLjobs #FLOXjobs #FLOSSjobs #SeaGL #SeaGL2019

Après un passage à #cdl2019 je me rends compte du boulot à abattre sur Common Voice :

Allez, au boulot !

Merci #cdl !

@deejoe @onepict the degooglifying the Internet room was packed at SeaGL and I think framasoft could help in the US quite a bit with what that aim.

@dredmorbius There is a reason why one of my pinned posts refers to search keywords as the incantations to hidden knowledge. So much in my life, has required only the correct word to obtain, but that word has required connections across continents.

UK specific 

There are 10 days left to register to vote.
This is a pivotal election for the UK (potentially even the last, depending how the fracturing of the four nations goes in the next 5 years) so everyone should vote. Be informed, don't just read reporting (read the actual manifestos when they're released), think about the future world you want to live in. Vote.


The top 10% own 90% of stocks.
Fed cuts rates & adds massive liquidity.
Stocks rally 30% as a result.

Fed: Wealth inequality keeps widening and we just don’t know why.


Trying to update the version of Node in Guix so I can try out Agoric's SwingSet vat.

white supremacy search engine? 

A white supremacist forum got hacked and leaked.

The contents are now... searchable?

:birdsite:​ is suspending accounts that share it.

Apropos of nothing, it took Dropbox (that employed Guido until recently) 3 years to migrate to py3.

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