"Killing links is a strategy, designed to keep people from the open web. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do. Links take us to places where we can make choices that Instagram never would."



faif.us Worth listening to K. Sandler even if B. Kuhn's a dude.

She's his boss, so there's that too.

Tickets for #CopyleftConf 2020 will be available soon! In the meantime, you can catch some of the talks you missed at our first event here, 2020.copyleftconf.org/video

ok, really, just playing now... 

racist excuses 

racist excuses 

racist excuses 


but yeah, I love org for tables, but links in tables can momentarily be awkward af to edit.


I've been trying out md's footnote style links recently, eg:

This [hyperlinked text][10] reads more cleanly without the URL.

[10]: http:/example.com/the/actual?url=goes&here


coding needn't imply hidden, esoteric, or cryptic: We have encoding standards meant to ease mutual understanding, eg, ASCII and now Unicode


It's a short, monosyllabic word. As such, it offers concision, which is particularly valuable in naming things (eg, freecodecamp versus opensourceprogramminglearningwebsite)

I'm on board with a lot of your criticism more generally, but I think it's a lot to hang on one little word, even if it is four-letter :-)

Also: If you need to hire someone to write docs for your product, I guess I do that now 😄.

The growth of the software freedom movement is crucial if we mean to succeed in realizing software freedom for everyone. If you agree, we hope you'll join us! sfconservancy.org/supporter/#M

My current production software on Linux:

Photoshop → photopea.com or GIMP
Illustrator → Inkscape or vectr.com
MS Office → LibreOffice
Premiere → OpenShot
Audition → Audacity or Ardour
Acrobat → Master PDF Editor (not FOSS)
Lightroom → darktable
RDC → Remmina
InDesign → Scribus
Skype for Business → Sky
An actual phone - Zoiper

As I read these old newsletters about library automation and think about my late father's upcoming birthday, I decided to write about how he taught me the power of automation.

Contains Telnet reminiscences.


This is something I see so much with people critiquing open projects.

“It has bad UX.”
“It feels incomplete.”

Okay, cool. _How so_? There’s just under a million people using it currently. Like help us grow (unless that’s not your motive - just negative critique).

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@the_gayest_doggo @jalcine

'intuitive' means 'works the same as something I forgot I once had to learn don't @ me'

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