The longest wall in history is not Great Wall of China, it was Great Wall of Benin, it was about four times bigger than the Great Wall of China.

If you're following Economics Explained on YouTube, you migt want to stop doing so. A couple videos ago they abused statistics to find causation from a correlation of r²=.09, and in their last one they proclaim wealth inequality is a good thing because it "drives innovation".

It's apparently only a "certain kind of Economics" Explained.

"have I waited long enough for the green LED to stop flashing?"

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flashing embedded, routers in particular, feels so much more like taking shots in the dark compared to devices that have more output degrees of freedom than a few LEDs.

I forgot this existed until a friend thanked me for recommending it to her awhile back. I used to enjoy audiobooks from here quite often. Free Public Domain books read by volunteers.


that is such a common situation and one so totally ignored or treated as an exceptional curiosity by so much of the computing world

I used to face this when trying to support scientific instrumentation



happy to share tmux perspectives if/when anyone has interest, in either direction

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tfw one gets reminded that a unit of cooling capacity is the ton ... as in, the capacity to absorb the heat required to melt a ton of ice

There's just a whole lot of "but but how could TECH MEDIA PEOPLE have POSSIBLY been involved in anything skeezy! I thought tech was about freedom and all voices being equal and the smartest and rightest and most just ideas naturally emerging! Because computers! And logic!"

Dude. Have you *read* tech media for the last 30 years.

I mean there's media, then there's Hollywood gossip media, then there's the National Enquirer, then there's candy bar wrappers, then there's tech media.

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A web developer falls asleep in a train. As the train goes and each car's wheels make the characteristic double thud, the developer has a nightmare:

“It’s important to recognize that the marketing that happens inside of these companies, assuring workers that what they’re doing is good and that their surveillance program is used for disaster relief and not drone targeting, for instance, is much like the marketing targeted at the public,” [Meredith Whittaker] said.

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> Most people don't really have consequences of their data being breached hitting them<

I'd qualify that with a "yet".

In a broader historical scope we are still in very very early days of this stuff being collected and available in various ways with dubious accountability for the access.

@onepict @TheGibson

so, there's the dark side, falling into black. Those are the sociopaths that actually do the stuff we all think of.

But there's also how few there are who do that, relatively speaking, how little it actually happens compared to how much it could happen. That to me is evidence, at worst, of a great indifference in pursuing evil paths in favor of just getting along, and at best of pro-social forces, of not everyone sucking all the time.


I sure do. But I also get re-assurance.

I'm thinking of it now like particle emission at the event horizon of a black hole: Vacuum fluctuation produces a pair of particles, one of which falls into the hole, one of which shines away from the hole (probably a crap description based on my horrible understanding of how black holes can evaporate and emit X-rays but still).



or even, you know, having just given more money to people straightaway.

In that regard, no, it's not an unpopular opinion.

Calvinist fretting over "idle" hands is apparently *quite* popular.


also, fuck helping the Ayn Rand Institute keep any jobs whatsoever.

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