I watched The Social Delimma with my parents last night, and I think it was a good documentary.

Sure a lot of the talking heads seemed quite naive towards history, and there was barely a mention of the problems with them all being white men. And I don't buy into Accelerationism. But it serves as a good introduction to the issues!

Also: the dramatization's were fun!

If you have Netflix it's worth a watch, if not meh.

Now what should we do?

Interestingly I've read a few reviews complaining that they're not attacking capitalists enough.

I think The Social Delimma attacked them as much as they were comfortable with, given how much of a sacred cow capitalism is to many... Probably for the best.

If you're expecting a more serious critique you probably need to look outside the capatlist publication channels. My favourites:

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one thing I was happy to see that they got right is to disclaim that it's so much that they have your data (often framed in terms of privacy)

rather, the problem is that, and how, they sell our attention and influence our behaviour

@deejoe @alcinnz Biggest failing was at the end when they were making recommendations and made no mention of the fediverse at all.


I honestly found the end hilarious because on my system their automatic recommendations display popped up over them. Case in freakin' point, eh?


and of course when they showed the big spread of social media company logos they left out direct mention of Netflix, implicit only in the "and many others" type of catch-all below it

@InternetKevin @alcinnz

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