Saw a Washington Post story about how Fox News kept people from taking Covid seriously. I would have read it, but it was behind a paywall. Guess what's never behind a paywall? Fox news


you know what else is never behind a paywall?


Fuck all those FOX viewers.



damn leaping on a boost before firing up the thread again. sorry.

but yeah. I mean, a ton of FOX stuff, when they are called on it they're all "lol what you expected reliable news? this is entertainment!"


so the NPR doesn't break news stuff only goes so far. They do field correspondents around the world and partner with local organizations to try to do some things but compared to the juggernaut that is FOX of course they can't compete. But they do have news that isn't totally the criminally-misleading destructive dumpster fire of toxic waste that is FOX et al.


JFC you want to score points on Bezos ok fine I get it but I am not ok with giving these shitheels a pass on their choice in media consumption as part of the bargain.

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