If you largely missed the RMS/Stallman drama, this WIRED article from Steven Levy (author of "Hackers") is a good summary.




LB: I've got a complaint about reporting on rms's emails, but please hear me out, it might not be what you think ...

The inaccuracies & distortions give those trying to defend what he wrote a fig leaf. They aren't wrong that some of the coverage has been misleading in the details.

But with that focus, they *repeat* & *amplify* rms's ongoing misprioritization & mistakes around consent & inclusion.

Levy gets most of that right where other reports & analysis have stumbled.

And while it's alas probably true that *some* will continue to rationalize regardless, there are others not so deeply into the cult of personality, whose suspension of judgement, benefit of the doubt, could still be educated & informed & pointed in a better direction.

Every one of those we abandon just makes things worse.

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