So, here

I used 'RMS' when I probably should have said 'free software movement'.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the free software world over the last week in particular has probably seen why that is ... unhelpful.

The larger point is still useful, I think, but I'm going to write a small update to that and switch around the pins on the posts.


when you see someone criticizing open source through reference to the free software movement, or vice versa, consider that they are conflating two aspects of computing that, on each side, have taken significant and long-standing pains to distinguish each from the other

@deejoe 🤔 A worthy objection in principle. Yes, they are different movements. I think it misses practical necessity in that there is heaps of crossover, despite the pretence of difference. Set theory: That’s why most non-partisans speak of F(L)OSS. The sets only seem so different up close.

Protestants and Catholics often loathe each other, taking pains to present themselves as completely different religions in much of the world. But the reality is they are all Christians and Abrahamites.

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