old man gets emotional 

ok, storytime.

I did a couple of things today that worked toward BlackFire's eventual runway.

We got a new client... a big law firm here... I will complete vuln assessments, and provide forensics for them. It will turn into a retainer at 6 months if everyone is happy.

They will be happy.

I felt happiness leaving that meeting that I haven't felt in a long time, and I wondered quietly if I really have been depressed all of my adult life, and didn't regard my emotional state as such... toxicity perhaps... I was flying high... blasting down the interstate.

I left that meeting and opened a bank account for BlackFire.

I left that meeting and I wept.

Excitement had overwhelmed me.

I am doing what I must do.

I have no other choice.

I cannot embrace my old way of doing business when feelings like that come about.

I was ALIVE again.

They will not own me.

No one will own me.

I will break these old chains and become more than I have ever been.

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