Hardware question: How big a risk of heat damage would I be taking by leaving my laptop in a car that's parked outside, in the shade, in ~85 degree (F) weather for a week+?

I know that the car will get much hotter than the outside temperature. On the other hand, that's still much cooler than the running temperature of a laptop under load. On the third hand, the heat under load is concentrated in areas that are designed for it; I'm not sure how other components would do.

Anyone have thoughts?

@codesections I’d be comfortable leaving it powered off in the trunk in that scenario. The trunk doesn’t get nearly as hot as the cabin.


@djmoch @codesections

trunk, yeah. but if it is well and truly in the shade the whole time (eg, interior of a parking ramp) even the cabin shouldn't get any hotter. any direct sun into the cabin is your killer here

and if 85 is the max, the average will be lower, and better (assuming in this case it's not too enclosed--open sided parking structure)

85 is cooler than body temp.

my concern would be theft tbh

@deejoe @codesections Definitely want it out of sight, whether that means in the trunk or squirreled away in the cabin somewhere curious passers by won’t see it

@djmoch @codesections

a nice instance where one solution meets disparate requirements

@djmoch @codesections

although now a Gollum-like self loathing wells up, hiding My Precious from filthy hobbitses and how the light it burns us

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