Jason Scott just dumped the ZIL source code for every infocom game on github. Clone it before Activision's lawyers wake up. And now we see how long it takes for the internet to produce a compiler for a language that's been dead for 30+ years from a cache of production grade source code for said language. We've had compiled z-machine files, but never the original ZIL. github.com/historicalsource

@xarph Also, it could be interesting if you’re *never* going to do work on ZIL but if you’re actually going to… I don’t think it’s a good idea to read the code.
See: https://libv.livejournal.com/26972.html
@deejoe @xarph Yeah but if basically everyone is tainted by default you have no coders.
I had the same issue with TrueCraft, I used Minecraft Coder Pack and stuff like that so I couldn’t do the code part, which is what I was interested in doing.
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