What's your #IRC set up?

I want something always on, and can be accessed decently on my #Android phone and from my #linux desktop It's OK if it's a web browser site for desktop. I have a server w/ root so I can run something 24/7.

I am sorta using #weechat, but it's pretty ganky. Is there anything better?


irssi-in-tmux on my main VPS

riot via the matrix.org-to-freenode bridge for a couple of high-priority channels

for the rest, i deal with backscroll when on laptop or desktop. in extremis, ssh via Termux to the VPS and attach to tmux


biboumi or matterbridge are perpetually on my to-do list for this

i do have bitlbee running between irssi, my own ejabberd, and mobile-side Conversations but am really disrecomending that due to a preponderance of jank

@deejoe Eh I readlly don't want to have to ssh on my phone and access a screen/tmux session....


also, sometimes I use the freenode-hosted qwebirc instance, and have dabbled with using irccloud (free-of-charge tier mostly)

kiwiIRC is also on the to-do list

if you try any of my to-do items, very interested to know how it goes

@deejoe I don't really blame the likes of slack or Telegram or discord for eating IRC's lunch. They have a technically superior system, since that aspect just works...

It's a shame. Us techies need to fix it.



yeah, I'm not sure 'blame' is what I'd use, either. It's different: Centralized, for starters.

Except for the very deliberate embrace, extend, extinguish on Slack's part: I blame them for that, but just as much early adopters buying into it, many (most?) of whom should know better.

similar story w/ Telegram being "open source" but for the client only.

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