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Also why build a state of the art shit whose shape has beed already defined by #Google instead of building something new and better?
Something following a totally different vision?

I think to pull regular users in, we'd have to start with today's web. But once we have sway in the committees, you can begin to redefine what state of the art web should look like.

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I think we need a #CERN of #Informatics, but it should start from a simple vision and build what it takes to get there from the ground up.

I have a vision to propose: all people should be able to read, understand and modify each software they use or feed with their data.

Modern Web is not going to survive such vision, so building a browser is wasting money imho.

@Shamar@mastodon social It won't work. Just take some time to, say, explain recursion or graph algorithms, image compression or even cryptography math to a totally untrained user. We will never get to a point of end users to read or understand their software. IMHO, trying to do so is a waste of time that could better be spent on building more ethical solutions that just work for this crowd.
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@z428 @MatejLach @Wolf480pl @cbowdon My position is that they should be *able* to (perhaps with a little training), but not obligated to.



you state a key point that repeatedly gets lost in these types of discussions.

and the same people continue to miss it.

The door to programming should always be open to everyone--no artificial barriers in the way for those who have the interest & aptitude to build & exercise their skill. 1/2

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@alcinnz 2/2

but not everyone will be able to do that.

software freedom is still *crucial* to them, because it enables a cascade of accountability: The might not be able to code, but they should be able to interrogate the process by which those who code on their behalf work, up to & including choosing who codes for them.

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