"Trust" is one of those words that, the more I think about it, the less useful I find it.

Does someone share enough of my view of the world that I can reasonably expect them to do things to help me, and not to do things that hurt me? "Trust" gets into questions of judgments about whether people are good or evil. I think a perfectly good person can still hurt me if they don't understand my needs.

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Reading @aral he seems similar enough to me in how he thinks about privacy that most of his work is more likely to help me than hurt me. You might say I "trust" him on this.

Its the lower priority he puts on software freedom that worries me.

The dehumanizing bombast is a less specific concern--there's plenty of that in the world, alas. It becomes more of a problem in those who are close to you. This closeness on privacy increases the concern.

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