As appealing as it is to blame T-rump, the truth is, Congress still has not sent something for him to sign or reject. The partial government shutdown is a failure of *congressional* leadership, a failure on both sides of the #Twin_Parties in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Now once they pass a funding bill, then T-rump can mess things up further by rejecting it. But the blame isn't his yet.


@lnxw48a1 I disagree. Trump kicked it off with an unforced error. He surprised HIS own congressional leaders (i.e., the Senate) in December when he announced he wouldn't sign their bills. They couldn't cobble together a bill fast enough before the House changed hands. They were only stopgap funding bills, but his refusal to sign kicked it off. The shutdown is because he changed his mind at the last minute and yanked the rug out from under his own party.




As unlikely as it is with *this* Congress, veto override votes are an option they have under the Constitution.

McConnell has been historically obstructionist already in refusing to act on Garrick's nomination to the Supreme Court by Obama[-the Kavanaugh trauma was in part his fault, and he shouldn't be getting a pass for his part in this, too.


@deejoe @paco Also, the budget year started October 1st. The budget should have been passed before then, not these continuing resolutions (temporary funding authorizations) every two or three months.


@lnxw48a1 @deejoe Those facts are all true. CRs are a way of life for the last 10 years or more. Veto overrides are a valid mechanism. But the blame lies squarely on Trump whose party controlled both houses when the budget was drafted. It was his own unexpected rejection of his own party's budget CRs that created the whole crisis. The only blame that might adhere to democrats is for not ending the shutdown by giving Trump whatever he wants.


@paco @lnxw48a1

That's Pelosi, of course. Doing her job.

Those 12 Republicans? Also doing their jobs.

Republicans not working towards something that can work? They share the blame.

Sure Trump is to blame. But guess what? He's not going to listen to me, not the way a House rep or even my Senators would.

It's simply not up to him alone, so he alone can't hold all the blame.


@paco @lnxw48a1

He can do what he does because people support him. *They* share the blame, too, in or out of Congress.

Blame only interests me so much. A better question is, what can we do?

Hold those who support him to account, that's what.


@deejoe That's fine. I was simply responding to @lnxw48a1 suggestion that congress was to blame. I really think this shutdown mainly happened because Trump was so unpredictable. They almost had the bills passed when he dicked them over. All these other things you said are true and important. We do need to hold them to account. We need to have consequences at the ballot box for all the people that used hard-working gov't employees as a pawn in a dumb game.

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