@yogthos so this meme's heart is in the right place but...

Russia did a lot more than buy ads.

@waterbear the main issue with the Russia narrative is that it distracts from the actual problems that led to rise of Trump. As long as Trump won because of Russian meddling the democratic party did nothing wrong and they can continue business as usual.

@deejoe @waterbear it's not about what you or I care about, the question is what factors had the biggest impact. I'm going go out on a limb and suggest that plundering of the country by the rich while spending taxes on endless wars instead of infrastructure and social services might have played a larger role than some facebook ads.

@yogthos @waterbear @deejoe The Russia thing is almost a MacGuffin. Follow the money. The important part of story is Trump colluding with a foreign power to influence an election, not disclosing his funding from foreign sources, and trying to cover it up-- all high crimes and misdemeanors for which he can (and hopefully will) be impeached.
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