@thegibson You know, the thing that pisses me off the most?

It's not even Facebook lying about collecting that info and giving it to other companies.

It's the whole thing where people have been noticing weird shit going on with ads for the past decade, where everything's creepily accurate, and the whole thing where the whole fucking world was gaslit into "oh, no, it's just a coincidence that you got an ad about something you talked about in an unrelated private conversation"

I'll bet a lot of us just completely missed that by running adblockers so we were still getting spied on, but not seeing the result.



> not seeing the result

yup. yet another, different kind of digital divide, between those of us who offered at least a little resistance to the aggregation, and those with a much 'simpler' consumer mindset of the defaults, delegating all these details to Facebook et al

@bhtooefr @TheGibson

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