@sir What alternatives could you suggest? IRC is text-only and primitive and Matrix is slow and I haven't yet seen a client with decent UX. I haven't used Zulip or Mattermost yet, I've only heard of them.

@phoe IRC is king, text-only is a feature not a bug

@sir @slp Of course it's a feature - unless you want to chat with someone who isn't a complete and total developer nerd like me or you and wants standard contemporary features like automatic image uploads, conversation threads, channel history, or if you want to build a community of non-technological people around your software. At that point, I observed that people prefer to leave rather than stay on IRC.

Or they start Discord servers of their own.


I'm sympathetic to those concerns.

With IRC trollspamming finally endemic on many FOSS-associated networks & subsequent need for nick registration, the very low barrier-to-entry of IRC which was a trade-off against more intricate feature sets is gone.

@sir @slp

@deejoe @phoe @slp right, let me know when Slack stops making your register too


you know, you really don't have to get in my face with that shit

i don't fucking use slack

@phoe @slp

@deejoe @phoe @slp well slack is what we're fucking talking about pal



so, you're here to promote slack, then?

if not, then maybe we're also talking about something else too

@phoe @slp

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