@sheogorath @pixelfed Mostly recent code related to federation, that dansup has been writing and testing for the past few weeks.

@kaiyou @sheogorath @pixelfed


The repo (github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/b) clearly states

*** do not use this software until there is a stable release ***

And (thousands? really?) users sign up for the pixelfed **beta** and they know this.

Since when is the developer of an open source project not allowed to test their new code before they release it?

(Really, do not try to impose rules upon ppl who devote their time to making things you can pick up for free.)

/cc @pixelfed

@arjenpdevries @sheogorath @pixelfed Again, I am merely stating what would sound reasonable to me and which I think would improve community adoption, overall security, and maybe quality.

I am not in a position to impose anything but simply to suggest, and state what makes me unhappy when using and/or trying to contribute to the project.


I'm confused.

If the code in question is available, what is
@kaiyou asking to get?

If it isn't, for what then is
@pixelfed asking feedback?

@arjenpdevries @sheogorath@g0v.social

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