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That Firefox Looking Glass thing is creepy. I'm now back on Chrome because of it. Say what you will about Google but they never install plug-ins without my permission. What the hell was Mozilla thinking?!

Funny, the Atari ST and the Amiga were still in production in the early '90s when I became seriously interested in computing, but I never saw them in stores in the U.S.

There has been a small but noticeable uptick in market share for the desktop version of Firefox since Quantum launched:

movie plots that are too silly to exist: a wide range of scientists from all over the world have conspired to invent a fake problem and protect their continued funding. the only people who stand in their way are a few wealthy lobbyists, some business-minded pundits and a group of discredited researchers, who uncover the plot, prove scientists for the frauds they are and ensure that the threatened struggling ceos can still buy another yacht.

Deleted earlier toot for a grammatical error. That'll teach me to toot late at night. I really am a grammatical writer. I get paid for it! I hope no clients saw that.

The true spiritual successor to the Apple II is the PC, not the Mac. The design philosophies of the Apple II and the PC are similar as open systems.

I should post about defunct computer platforms more often.

I keep trying to use the "Tab-to-search" function from Chrome in Firefox.

The federated timeline kinda feels like IRC.

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