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Did you know Bob Odenkirk is a long time user of SDF? Up until the recent success of Better Call Saul and the purchase of Mr. Show by Netflix Bob maintained his own blog. bobodenkirk.com But has he joined ?

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hey wait

if disney buys fox

does this make lisa simpson a disney princess

@dokuja It would actually be pretty handy to look up documentation over Mosh with tmux rather than switching back to the main Chrome window.

@Elizafox I wish they would actually combine the KFC and Taco Bell menu items.

@Elizafox The local buffet chain to me is Hometown Buffet. They really cheap out on the ingredients. I can eat canned vegetables at home!

@Elizafox I'm convinced Golden Corral and similar buffet places are secretly run by PETA, judging by the quality of the food.

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Please boost if you or a loved one have been hurt by Dr. Mario.

FreeBSD has the best documentation around.

Still, I lean more toward the BSD way of doing things.

I'm not an FSF hardliner, but I can see Stallman's point that open source proponents ignore software freedom, as seen by the BSD/MIT license allowing people to keep modifications proprietary.

Much as I love BSD, I'm a little leery of the way they cite the way the BSD license lets companies take code proprietary as a feature.

I wish that they would make something like WSL but for BSD. I would love to run BSD in Windows. (Sure, there are virtual machines, but still, that would be cool.)

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all i wanted from technology was winged toasters that fly

i've been lied to

we all have

Lynx in Chrome Mosh: Using a web browser in your web browser.

Nothing but respect for MY Space Force:

Thinking of getting back into interactive fiction.

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Me for 12 episodes of romantic comedy anime: Will you two just kiss already?!