*Neighbor sprays vinegar at condensation trails in backyard*
Me: *holds out plate of fish and chips*

Great, found a couple of stuck pixels today. My Chromebook is still under warranty but this probably still falls within ISO 13406-2 limits.

That said, I find tiled windows useful when I need to refer to another document while writing.

Rob Pike will back me up on this. "The screen is not big enough (no matter how big it might be). Therefore, windows must overlap."

doc.cat-v.org/bell_labs/blit/b (PDF)

Unpopular opinion: tiled windows are stupid. There is never enough screen real estate.

@Tamber @Sir_Boops Chrome OS with Crostini is seriously the nicest Linux desktop right now.

@unused0 I think they would still like pizza, though. And maybe the Klingons would invent blood pizza or something.

Why does no one ever eat pizza in Star Trek?

new year's resolutions:
- lol joking i'll stay a garbage trash

Friendship ended with (solo) Morrissey. Now Robert Smith is my best friend.

@bkhl I'm already a fan of Kraftwerk, and I also worship the ground Trevor Horn walks on already. Japan's also good. I've also been wanting to check out David Sylvian's solo career.

I do love the more experimental synth-pop bands like Depeche Mode and New Order.

Is there a music genre that's the progressive rock of synth-pop, as in a more complex form?

The best thing about may be less that anime nazis aren't on it but more that your parents aren't on it.

Scratch a transphobe and you'll find a homophobe. Scratch a homophobe and you'll find a misogynist.

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