Well, I know what I’ll be whipping out and start working on the table with to impress the hipsters at Starbucks mastodon.social/media/PVDFe88v

Finished watching The Americans last night. It was heavy, man. In the meantime, Monty Python finally made it to Netflix in the U.S.

I watched "Life of Brian", even though I already have it on DVD (my version has a crappy transfer). Never gets old. It's better paced than "Holy Grail".

Pour-over coffee is a kind of DIY, open source coffee.

Americans: an electric kettle will rock your hot beverage world.

On a new wave listening kick. The late '70s to early '80s was probably the peak of analog synth sound.

tired: playing drums

wired: pneumatic seat that moves the drummer up and down at enormous speed and rotates their sticks into the correct positions so they can just sit there, still, with their arms outstretched

the following mobile operating systems are cancelled:
all of them

@yakkoj Walmart and Amazon do share the same awful labor practices, so there's that.

@yakkoj I have a Prime account (mainly for the video), so, glass houses, yada yada...

Amazon is just Walmart for people who wouldn't be caught dead in a Walmart.

*nailing a page to the church door* this? oh, this is my hot take


Also, my local station has some awesome music.

An important inspirational message I look to in hard times.

Confession: I mainly listen to NPR to make sure I'm pronouncing names correctly.

cats on the other sides of windows cannot be booped :(

Boost if you use a Mosh session to check if your internet connection is up.

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