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Boost if you use a Mosh session to check if your internet connection is up.

when you have to pee vs when you REALLY have to pee

Do you...
* Put your PIN Number in the ATM machine?
* Use AC current or DC current?
* Scan UPC codes?
* Worry if you could have the HIV virus?
* Read DC Comics?

You could suffer from RAS (Redundant Acronym Syndrome) syndrome. Talk to your doctor today!

All science fiction becomes alternate history eventually.

Also, I just started watching The Americans on Amazon Prime, so please do not send spoiler toot.


Emulating video games is good, buying terrible knockoff “retro-mini” consoles that only have like half a console’s library is bad

why did i choose linux? not because any of the functional reasons, actually. i just wanted to be condescending towards windows users on tech support forums.

But this is probably because memory is scarce on phones.

My phone's multitasking doesn't seem to have the concept of object permanence. It assumes I don't need an app I'm not looking at at the moment.

I try to log in to Tusky on my phone, but I have 2FA enabled. The code generator is also on my phone. I navigate away from it and when I come back, the little web browser that Tusky's open registers a cache miss and makes me reload, making me have to log in again...

Exactly what level of hell is using 2FA on your phone to log into an app on your phone?

*crazy taxi voice*


Speaking of Linux, what's going on in BSD land?

Let's put a touch more of the magic here. No worries. No cares. Just float and wait for the wind to blow you around.

I'm glad Linus is working on his issues. As the movement has proven, nobody should have to put up with bad behavior from creators simply because they're creators.

Most on-brand story from childhood: going as a 5.25" floppy on Halloween.

So the Linux kernel has a code of conduct. The people who are up in arms are once again unintentionally proving why codes of conduct are necessary.

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