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well I tried to look up NetBSD but instead looked up NeetBSD. My subconscious is a jerk.

dividing people into 'lumpers' and 'splitters' is such a splitter thing to do

somebody get this "trent reznor" guy a pedicure LOL

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👏St👏op saying👏white👏p👏eo👏ple don't 👏have👏👏 rhythm


seriously I’ve given up on explaining things about me to family members. the problem is when they ask me to explain and I have to go through the dance of explaining my relationship to my transition, partners, what NetBSD is, or what all of these weird circuit boards and wires are for

"Drama" is a seriously underrated album, though.

I seem to like the misfit Yes albums: "Tales From Topographic Oceans", "Drama", even "Big Generator".

I've been on a Yes listening kick the past few days.

Amazon is creating a reality where you can yell at your appliances and they actually listen

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