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I've been playing this text adventure game called zsh. It's got some really weird puzzles.

Fuck Autism Speaks

please boost to spread awareness of this because they are Bad

Having an old workstation would be cool, but there probably wouldn't be much I could actually do with it.

If elected, I will host a tilde server in the White House. Not a VPS, a physical server. Maybe an old Sun workstation. I appreciate your vote.

The new MetaArray on @SDF is proof that I cannot escape Debian.

Billy Corgan looks like a grown-up Cabbage Patch doll.

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Sega Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Something about writing printer drivers seems to kill brain cells. I'll never write a printer driver.

The Talking Heads album "Naked" has really grown on me.

Online tankies are the internet tough guys of the left.

I watch Technology Connection because I don't know where to find a man as passionate about lightbulbs as him.

I was going to ask 'where's Stewart Cheifet when you need him' but he's 80? All right dude take a rest you deserve it

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I like playing solitaire with actual cards. Less screen time and it gives me something to do with my hands.

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