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Friendship ended with sudo. Now doas is my best friend.

we all love :bellsystem: but the at&t death star logo is great too :att_deathstar:

I'm just going to call it "Linux" out of spite.

The real advantage of vinyl is not the sound, but that you can pretend gatefold sleeves are Pac-Man.

God help me, I think I'm turning into a Vinyl Guy.

Why do audiophiles have such shitty taste in music? Why spend all that money on magic cables just to listen to The Eagles' greatest hits album?

At least this was the year I got a real computer that doesn't have any spinny things in it for data storage.

My favorite DOS game was troubleshooting memory management problems.

Should I install Windows 95 over floppy? Its only 21 disks to manage!


I'm not that invested in CentOS, even if the MetaArray ran it for a while. I do have a VirtualBox VM, just to check out Red Hat world.

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Since so many supercomputers run RHEL/CentOS, it'll be interesting to see how they respond to the CentOS announcement.

I wonder where I can get one of those animal masks like in The Wicker Man for Halloween.

chown -r elizabeth:elizabeth /lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib to own the libs

Unpopular tech opinion: operating systems should be boring.

DAE remember taking the ball out of a mouse and cleaning the rollers with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol because the pointer was jumping around?

still amazed that, when using the music service run by Google, the big huge search company that tasked itself with indexing the world's information, the only way to surface the band "The The" via search is by searching for one of their album or song titles and then selecting "Go to Artist".

I've been playing this text adventure game called zsh. It's got some really weird puzzles.

Having an old workstation would be cool, but there probably wouldn't be much I could actually do with it.

If elected, I will host a tilde server in the White House. Not a VPS, a physical server. Maybe an old Sun workstation. I appreciate your vote.

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