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a shell plugin framework called oh-my-posix with only posix shell compliant plugins

If Google's tracking my movements through Android, why can't they make Trusted Places Smart Unlock work consistently?

The reason I buy cheap Androids is because I'm a klutz. I wouldn't buy a phone from the fruit company, because I'd be afraid I would break it somehow.

Being a paranoid nerd, the most annoying thing was setting up my 2FA without being able to use the phone it was set up for.

My phone took a spin in the washing machine, so it was unintentional upgrade time.

Good news, everyone, we've figured out how to keep the kids safe from the crime during the day.

What's the deal with train YouTubers and their long intros? Just show me the fucking California Zephyr!

Big Ben is pretty cool from an engineering perspective, but am i the only one distracted by the fact it obviously used to be a Pizza Hut??

@izaya tfw Viruses have better wine support then AAA games

Starbucks has ruined so many people's coffee palates.

Streaming seems to have swung the economics of home video back toward rental rather than ownership.

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