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Do not eat the rich. All the toxins aggregate in the predators at the top of the food chain. Responsibly compost the rich

Does anyone have any idea how computers boot anymore?

There is no dignified way to eat a peach.

Windows Subsystem for Linux is way more elegant than Cygwin. Cygwin has always felt like a hack.

Pretty much the only time I watch cable news is on election night.

My news diet is kinda bland but nourishing: mostly NPR and Democracy Now!, The Nation and The Guardian.

For following current events, birdsite seems just as mind-killing as TV news these days.

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a bunch of coworkers making Smalltalk around a Xerox machine

Perhaps there will be less separation between the Windows and Linux sides in WSL in the future.

Top in WSL can currently only see Linux processes, but you can launch Windows programs from the shell, but I could already do that in Cygwin.

Linux interoperability (multi-booting, WINE, WSL, VMs) is as much a cultural innovation as it it is technical.

One thing Linux culture gets right is promiscuous interoperability.

I'll probably keep my Cygwin directory around for at least a while in case I need anything.

WSL can run Mosh now, which means I can probably finally ditch Cygwin.

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"Hello, sysadmin? Can it please be 1998 in here again?"

# cat "food in cans"
cat: cannot open food in cans

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"Most vintage baked beans will take on a bit of that tinny flavor, but these have aged perfectly, Buschs was really using the best cans they've ever used back in the early 90's, honestly, there is nothing better for a baked beans collector than this, this is the HOLY GRAIL of baked beans collecting"

I still use a shell account, courtesy of @SDF

It's amazing how much of the things we do on the modern internet, such as surfing, webcams, podcasting, watching streaming video, job hunting and buying music already existed in 1993: youtube.com/watch?v=U_o8gerare

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Who likes to watch old Computer Chronicles episodes on Youtube?