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The guy in Iron Butterfly is a time-traveling Eddie Vedder and you can't convince me otherwise.

The best idea in consumer electronics was standardizing on microUSB for power supplies.

Video game console and arcade emulators were the first open source projects I was exposed to.

GIven how many commercial products incorporate open source emulators, it's clear that open source is keeping classic gaming alive.

Japan (the band) is also awesome. Synth sounds I haven't heard anywhere else.

I can't believe I overlooked David Sylvian all these years.

Me, for 12 episodes of a romantic comedy anime: WILL YOU JUST KISS ALREADY?!!!

that thing where you've spent time with a cat and it meows at you and you meow back and it meows again and you meow back and there's no getting out of it now
meow if you agree

I was listening to Talking Heads' "Burning Down The House" today, then I realized, too soon!

US politics, Donald Trump 

I have tried to escape Brian Eno and I can't.

no toilet paper 🚽 🧻 unfortunately .. but plenty of and containers full of for tonight

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