My latest Pixelfed posts aren't making it to Mastodon to share... so here's the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK. April 2014.

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@dctrud_ Hey, speaking of which, i hope you don't mind a random question. I'm considering setting up pixelfed (or using an existing one) to post and share my photography. Does pixelfed automagically notify into mastodon when new posts are kicked out? (I'm tyring to get out of the instagram ratrace) - or do you need to crosspost pixelfed photos by hand into mastodon?

@RoyGreenhilt I followed my Pixelfed account from Mastodon, and pictures I posted used to then appear in my feed on Mastodon. I'm not sure why that isn't working now though. Perhaps something is broken after SDF updated the Pixelfed instance.

The federation stuff on pixelfed isn't obvious, or very complete.

It's not easy to discover things on other instances.... I'd suggest using an existing one with some interesting people/posts on it.

@dctrud_ they breed velociraptors inside, so they?
It's beautiful!

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