... Sadly trying to follow those links to upgraded matrix rooms generally ends up with an error... whether I'm on SDF matrix, or my self-hosted synapse. The self-hosted is running on a 4-core / 32GB RAM / 250Mpbs connection dedicated server... so resources shouldn't be the issue πŸ˜•

"Failed to join room.... There was an error joining the room" doesn't give a lot to go on, and the logs are hard to divine anything from too.

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More and more confused by Matrix each time I go back to it. Rooms have to sometimes be upgraded it seems... and when they are it's really a new room, and the old one redirects to it?

Whoops.... currently testing the limits of how many times my USB stick can go through the wash, and come out still working.

First for a while... got a bunch of records in the mail and a chance to try them out. Lots of fun to indulge in hobbies after an eventful month.



Finally grilling time again πŸ˜ƒ tandoori chicken for us. Plain grilled for the kids.

Enjoying some vibraphone-heavy early 90s house music this afternoon as I work away.

I would now like to plink-plonk away at a glockenspiel that's in tune... the kid one my 4 y/o has is very very not right.

I now own *those* Haddaway and Dr Alban tracks on vinyl...

... listening to Roy Ayers to salvage any cool-ness I have, though πŸ˜†

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Time machine came in the mail today... A selection of brand new never played dance records from 1993-1995. Brain has a hard job coping with these being at least 26 years old when they smell just like new records.

Fiddled around with raspistill options to get a decent night-time image from the basic pi cam.

Works surprisingly well. It's actually properly dark outside. The fence is a barely visible shadow, but it sees it well, even through the mosquito curtains on the porch.

Busy life last month meant only 68 miles of . Managed to start off June with nearly 10 miles for a late lunch ride today, though.

Thanks @SDF for having me back here again!

Decided I don't have the time or inclination to self-host on the fediverse. My instance wandering has ended... Settling here I promise πŸ˜†

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