Now, what should I plan on running on this thing? Solaris 8 would be contemporary to my nostalgia for these things at University.... but when I had my own Suns in the past I always used NetBSD.

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Sun peripherals acquired. Found a cheap oxbow mouse, and keeping fingers crossed that 1 decently working keyboard can be constructed from these two...

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May have just succumbed to some computing nostalgia and bought this… 🤔Now I’ll need a USB type 6 keyboard and mouse….

Aaaand the Texas republican gerrymander of 2021 has begun. 🤦‍♂️ they want to balance out us in a relatively diverse piece of Dallas county by slapping us in a district with rural wise county.

The inspiration 4 flight is not inspirational, it’s just a pretty disgusting example of capitalism’s concentration of wealth. No single private individual should be able to afford to purchase a space joyride at this cost. The St Judes charity ‘feel good’ angle is bullshit. We need to tax the hell out of the super rich so there can be high quality medical care for all, everywhere, without relying on charity. They can indulge their space joyrides once everyone enjoys a decent wage, and healthcare.

FOSDEM cycling team heh 🤣 didn’t pass the couple with the wide array of hacker themed shirts today though.

in america, we call it an elevator, but in britain, they call it a lift 

i guess we’re just raised differently

Need some of these to pop up again to counter the nearby billboards...

Normally outside cat has joined me in the office today. He noticed the comfy looking pile of towel laundry.

My wife has achieved pot like objects in pottery class. I am eagerly awaiting the future pot shaped Christmas and birthday gifts now!

Finished dorking up the bike for middle-aged practicality over style 🤓

BMX pedals on road bike.. badly applied bright bar tape.. bar-end mirror.. slightly comfier saddle... assortment of cheap small frame bags.

What else can I do here!? 😀

Stopped boosting my own photo posts here, so they are at the acount @dctrud only, if you are interested. 📸

Between having to listen to people talk about computing 'at the edge' (i.e. surveillance) for what seemed like forever, and learning that we have now reached $1,599 phones with "Super Retina XDR with ProMotion" displays.... I'm done with technology I think.


Dallas / Social Organizations rant 

Looks like 5+ years ago the club did some less brisk, 20 mile-ish social rides that now really happen under a different group. Sounded fun, until looking into it a bit.

Why does *every* social org here seem to involve gorging at a Tex Mex or burger restaurant, after some activity. Can't think of much worse after riding a bike in the Texas sun.

I need to get out a bit again, but whenever I try it always make me feel like this isn't my home.

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Dallas / Social Organizations rant 

Came across someone with a cycle club shirt that named the city I live in the other day. Was wondering why I haven't come across them, if they exist still.

Just found their website and Facebook group. Like many organizations in North Texas their events have migrated... further North, to the newer, 'fancier' suburbs, as their members did.

They don't really ride within the city they are named for much at all now.

Flight from the inner suburbs is a thing.

Hers and his tea. Clearly Euston beats Down Street in the London Underground tile patterns stakes.

Did another 25 miles this afternoon. Had a go at seeing how close I could get to the 16mph pace lots of group rides here advertise. Made 15.6mph moving average on the 12.5 miles out, 16.3mph back … but that doesn’t count the fact I had to stop a couple of times to drink / snack. 16mph for longer distances, without getting off the bike is still quite a ways off I think.

There’s a nice nature trail and some fun hollow trees at the soccer fields, which are down near the Trinity river. Watch out for snakes though, says the kiddo!

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