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A Last Starfighter reboot/sequel would have me in tears so fast...

folks and other text afficianados, check out this fantastic site:

It wraps and generates ALL THE FONTS on the fly as you type. Solid implementation.

All of that to say:

Whoever you are, you should probably write more if you feel like it. Don't worry about "not being unique" or that you're "just copying something better". Write *especially* if you feel an outsider, intimidated by better writers, "not really plugged into the loop".

Your set of influences and interests is probably weird and varied enough that whatever comes out will be strange and new and uncopyable - even more so if you felt distant and on the fringe in some way.

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I loved using Graffitti on my Palm. I got a Graffitti keyboard for my smartphone, and it's a bit slower than I remember. More ergonomic, though.

I bought a vintage calculator today. 🤓 It's an HP 12C. Modern, but I went out of my way to buy a used one that was made in the USA. They make them in China, now, and the quality has gone off.

It seems to be a good time to share the words of Cameron Kaiser on the contemporary relevance of Gopher.

I just created my first gopher file since about 1998. I'm digging the nostalgia and simplicity of creating a gopher phlog.

Lynx browser and Gopher are great for those on limited mobile data plans and/or slow mobile internet.

I got to play with some m4 macro ideas at a local hacker meetup. I can see how someone could get addicted to this stuff.

I'm looking for a web application I saw that lets anonymous users put up a static, plain text page. Sound familiar?

I see "data breach" being used to describe the transfer of Facebook user data to Cambridge Analytica. It wasn't a data breach. It's Facebook's business model.

The GNU coreutils manual is a worthwhile read.

Being "on the DL" means so many different things.

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