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Dave Bucklin @dbucklin@mastodon.sdf.org

@sparcipx where do you work on your bikes? I think the "man cave" idea grew out of the garage/toolshed.

@snowdusk_ Good for you, man. Seek out positive energy.

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@Cat <C-v><C-i> will insert a tab if you have expandtab set in vim.

@emilio Didn't he just champion DRM as a web standard?

@jynx /me reads some mystery code.

/me wonders what maniac wrote this garbage.

/me finds my own initials at the top with a date from six months ago.

@tomasino @Cat @dokuja Did someone say 67 character width? 😇

@sparcipx @ckeen it does add complexity to the workflow. I just can't resist fully-justified text.

@sparcipx I just read that Tim Horton was an ex-pro hockey player that died when he crashed his De Tomaso Pantera while being chased by the police.

I'll bet those donuts are amazing.

@papa That's a lie. Papa Smurf never worked a day in his life.

@Cat Working from home in a winter storm.