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Dave Bucklin @dbucklin@mastodon.sdf.org

@tomasino how about dependencies? Are you just using core Node stuff?

@Ricardus I think the shuttle runs once a day.

@Cat But that's self-defeating if taken to an extreme. Same reason audiophiles don't listen to music: too precious.

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Also I'm MetaARPA now! Woo! :p

@tomasino Thinking about picking up a 40% , myself.

@jebug29 The real trick would be an AI that reliably writes a new best-seller based on an analysis of current best-sellers. Premutations for niche markets could be generated concurrently.

@Cat They started selling mismatched sets, iirc.

@Cat nah, man, it's just the caffeine.

@tomasino I definitely waste time on Reddit. I just cut down my subscription list, cutting out subs like pics, aww, news, and many others.

@Cat That's really tough. The advice I got in that situation was to focus on spending more time on what I wanted in my life rather than focus on spending less time with what I didn't want. You clearly know what you want; put your energy there.