@sparcipx if they had a brick and mortar near me, I'd have even more ways to spend money on projects I never finish.

@maiki That's awesome! I got it along with Netizens. I'm excited to dive in. I'm definitely catching up, but very interested in the intersection of sociology and internet-as-medium. It's fun to take a look back.

From a library in Toronto, via a reseller in Indiana, to me. It even got checked out a couple times.

@maiki I love "implicit". You could also use some form of "suggest" or "include", but they don't do exactly the same job. You could also change perspective and use "infer" which might be a bit more accurate, really; I know what I infer, but I'm making a guess about what someone else implies.

@Cat I'm digging this SDF gopher archaeology you're doing.

@Cat @epl692 There's a bit about that on That Mitchell and Webb Look, iirc.

@xmanmonk @jebug29 America Ferrera. And let's not forget Amerigo Vespucci!

@julienxx I saw that! It looks great. I love the CDE/Motif aesthetic.

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