@ckeen I don't have an answer to your question, but I'm curious about your target architecture.

@yrabbit @kensanata yeah, I should have created a couple variables, but I wanted to try to manage all of it on the stack.

@skquinn @ajroach42 Oh, yeah, I spaced that completely. I never did anything with that. I wish I had a use case. I'm reminded now of point-at-infinity.org/ssss/ which is different but related.

@ajroach42 @skquinn I worked with the folks at uucp.dataforge.tk to set up a tier 1 uucp node. It was an interesting exercise with lots of potential applications. In re NNTP, I played with the netnews setup at tildeverse; potential there, too. In both cases, you have an older, crankier, and less secure technology competing with modern methods that are more accessible. They are fun, but best suited to life in a secure bubble.

@ckeen @kensanata I'm still around but, yeah, I haven't been active on Mastodon in some time.

@sparcipx if they had a brick and mortar near me, I'd have even more ways to spend money on projects I never finish.

@maiki That's awesome! I got it along with Netizens. I'm excited to dive in. I'm definitely catching up, but very interested in the intersection of sociology and internet-as-medium. It's fun to take a look back.

From a library in Toronto, via a reseller in Indiana, to me. It even got checked out a couple times.

@maiki I love "implicit". You could also use some form of "suggest" or "include", but they don't do exactly the same job. You could also change perspective and use "infer" which might be a bit more accurate, really; I know what I infer, but I'm making a guess about what someone else implies.

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