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Dave Bucklin @dbucklin

I'm looking for a web application I saw that lets anonymous users put up a static, plain text page. Sound familiar?

@dbucklin @tomasino No tor?

There have been several attempts over the years. Starting with invisiblogs and now moving to pastebins.

What's the use case? users put up pages once or should they be able to change them?

@ckeen @tomasino I'm just looking for a quick way to share a job description with some people in Slack without spamming.

@dbucklin @ckeen you should probably photoshop the text into a png, print it out, take a picture of that, and turn it into a PDF, then upload it to mEgAUPLOOOODZ.xyz

@tomasino @dbucklin @ckeen if you replace uploading it to megawega.site with emailing it and CCing in a bunch of the the wrong people then you have basically outlined actual HR procedure haha

@Cat @tomasino @ckeen I'll be sure to lose the original so that someone has to retype it.