@dbucklin @tomasino "Receiving comments on blog posts via email is a superior system. Your blog readers can use their preferred email client without having to be subjected to the indignities of captchas."

I can count on one hand the number of people I've met in my life who have a 'preferred' email client! Normal people anyway...

@kichimi @tomasino haha. Give me mutt or give me... can... can I just use mutt, please?

@dbucklin @tomasino who hurt you? Thunderbird and GMail here.

I had to research how stuff ends up in the promotional inbox the other day and all I found out is that I don't know....

@kichimi @dbucklin i use thunderbird sometimes. I suffer with Outlook at work. I prefer mutt

@tomasino @kichimi I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, minimal aesthetics, and making things harder than they need to be. Mutt ticks a lot of boxes for me.

@dbucklin @tomasino I get that, just like HTML in my emails.

My primary editor is nano, I only bring out the big guns for big stuff. I have made my desktop brutalist as hell tho, wm2/wmx as a window manager for when I really hate myself. It really needs some tweaks though... one day I'll get around to forking wmx and giving it better support for full screen windows and borderless windows...obviously there's a few schools of thought on how to signal that to a window manager a la lunix.

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