Really digging Maurice Meisner's "The Deng Xiaoping Era: An Inquiry Into the Fate of Chinese Socialism, 1978-1994."

If I had little to say before, being all but permanently home during this pseudo-lockdown has guaranteed even less.

Song of the year: "Grab A Shovel" by Torso. The title does double duty as my sentiment about Joe Biden saying he'd be open to having a Republican as his running mate.

I'm thankful for hardcore. I will always kick myself for selling this during a bout of poverty. Avail rules.

Whitewashed history is a snoozer, but gratitude and solidarity never gets old. After all, it's what's gotten us this far.

Something I love about coming back to Mastodon after indefinite absences is seeing how awesome y'all still are.

Thanks. Obrigado. 謝謝你們。

snapdragons covered against the freeze
shiver under rain-soaked sheets
like cats playing at ghosts

I write here and now and then, but I know where my heart lies: with my legal and spiritual brothers on IRC.

Justine Frischmann, greatest frontwoman ever? Yes/Yes

A lazy-minded twat driving a semi destroyed a major limb of one of the hundred-year-old trees just outside my house today, and showed no remorse for it. Fuck that dude.

A week without a disaster would be really nice.

Weird. I tried Saint Arnold's new Guten Tag Bavarian lager the other day and liked it, and now it tastes and smells like weed.

Fuckin' tired of annual, disastrous city-wide floods. Barely made it to safety this time.

Lone Star 24/7 is surprisingly decent, and definitely the beer to drink when it's 100 degrees at 6 PM and you have to drink until midnight.

Yo falo bastante portañol para hablar con os hombres que estão pintando la casa sem revertir ao inglés.

Viva (l)as línguas latinas!

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"Youtube banning security disclosures doesn't make products more secure, nor will it prevent attackers from exploiting defects -- but it will mean that users will be the last to know that they've been trusting the wrong companies, and that developers will keep on making the same stupid mistakes...forever."

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