Lone Star 24/7 is surprisingly decent, and definitely the beer to drink when it's 100 degrees at 6 PM and you have to drink until midnight.

Yo falo bastante portañol para hablar con os hombres que estão pintando la casa sem revertir ao inglés.

Viva (l)as línguas latinas!

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"Youtube banning security disclosures doesn't make products more secure, nor will it prevent attackers from exploiting defects -- but it will mean that users will be the last to know that they've been trusting the wrong companies, and that developers will keep on making the same stupid mistakes...forever."


"I was born and raised on Venus, but I may be here a while"

"Retrogenesis" remains Perturbator's most bangin' tune.

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Writing a review of the new Allagash album, which rules, is rapidly turning into a diatribe again Reagan, Trump, wishful thinking in ufology, nuclear warmongering, and the awfulness that any of the above is still a concern in the Year of Someone Else's Lord MMXIX.

Almost forgot that Church of Misery is in town next week. Fuck yeah!

Watching a dude dance with his dog to "Blister in the Sun." Nice.

Fuckin' A, Binker & Moses' "Alive in the East?" hits one hell of a jazz sweet spot. I don't wanna downplay the saxophone, but the drumming is just amazing.

I'm looking forward to these three Aliette de Bodard novellas.

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The aphorism "data lost on the next boat is lost in Perth" came to me just now as I lie in bed mostly asleep.

The new Allagash album, Cryptic Visions, fuckin' rips. How Newfoundland manages to keep cranking out such good heavy metal is beyond me, but I ain't arguing.

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