I’ve got A/UX running on an Quadra 650 and I’m looking to connect it to my network. Can anyone help me identify this port?

I started using Logos for my Bible reading plan this year and decided to try reading on my phone this evening. Turns out it comes with shareable graphics for each reading. Is anyone else using Logos? What other features are hidden in here that I should know about?

I picked up a PowerMac G4 MDD awhile back and I've been introducing my 3-year-old to some of the programs I grew up with. He's been exploring the caves of Spelunx and practicing his mouse skills by painting in KidPix. It's been fun to see the same curiosity and wonder on his face as I felt when I first played those games years ago. Is anyone else here into retrocomputing? Is anyone sharing that interest with their kids?

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