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an OS is just a collection of exploited software...

sometimes exploited by you, sometime by others.

Either way the relationship is a little perverse.

Have been using sxmo as my daily driver for many months now and i truly adore the experience!

All the functionalities of a mobile computer-phone, all the freedom and extensibility of a free/libre gnu/linux OS, all the fun of hacking one's own environment!

Will write more extensively about it sometimes, but in the meantime, long story short:

PinePhone + PostmarketOS + sxmo + a bit of love and care = <3 <3 <3

#sxmo #pinephone #freedom

them: "If you don't already have a terminal open..."

me: [truly not comprehending] "Wait. What? How could you even use a computer without a terminal open?"

I'm tired of counts;
past the point where data flows,
inspiration knows

#smallpoems with thx to @tellio

El 31 de enero de 1908 nació Héctor Roberto Chavero​, Atahualpa Yupanqui, cantautor, guitarrista, poeta y escritor argentino. Es ampliamente considerado como el músico argentino más importante de la historia de su folklore.

Politics of soil epistemologies - Narcisso Barrero-Bassols is professor at the Autonomous University of Mexico and a leading scholar in the study of "local" and #indigenous #soil knowledge or ethnopedology, as well as an activist using agrarian education and knowledge of the land as a way of engaging in what he calls the "politics of life"
Friday 18th February 18th 15:00-17:00 GMT

Neil Young almost died of polio as a kid. The vaccine didn’t exist when he was born. The illness affected his life for years. He got vaccinated as soon as it was available.

He doesn’t want others to similarly suffer due to misinformation about what vaccines can do. Media is missing that detail when discussing his protest of Spotify’s irresponsibility.

100 years from now, people will still know who Neil is and still listen to his music. Rogan will be an obscure, embarrassing footnote about some conspiracy theory lunatic who people will look back on with incredulity that someone could intentionally do so much harm, if they look back on him at all. #NeilYoung #Spotify

If you’re working on creating artificial scarcity, may I just say from the bottom of my heart, fuck you, stop doing that like some fucking psychopath and go fix some real problems to improve people’s lives instead of fucking them up even more.

Thank you.

This HN thread captures some of my despair over the direction the web is heading:

"I also don't think that people are creating websites anymore? Where is there supposed to be info for the search engine to crawl? All real user content is on reddit, instagram, twitter and youtube."

"[The WWW] is rapidly becoming a defunct protocol, the culmination of a decades-long shift in the Internet's center of mass away from browsers and towards centralized and commercialized apps."

Remember, the next full web version will be Web 95

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