Progress on my custom mini itx case.
Having too much flex with the 4mm wood. So I will add some metal parts as support. I have to recut the wood parts anyway.
I am worried that the pcie 16 riser cable might not work, since I haven't tried it and it looks like it might loose contacts and there are a lot of ppl having problems with similar products😨

Just realized, that I won't be able to switch the ram without removing the CPU cooler once the new one is in place.
But I guess that will be fine for now. 😅
Or are there ram slot risers/extenders? 🤔

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

Pro Tipp: If your main board doesn't do anything at all, except constantly spinning the fans, check the (pdf) manual of the board if there should be a jumper for the bios that is missing.
Who needs a case anyway?

Like I had a friend who reinstated windows from scratch every year to keep the system fast and in good shape.
Others just blame it on the old hardware whenever windows is slow. However basic office work and a responsive Desktop should be absolutely no problem these days even on 20 years old hardware.

Sometimes I hear people argue, that Linux is to user unfriendly or a bad user experience or something along these lines.
But when I then turn to Windows and how not only myself, but also exclusive Windows users, can run into trouble (for example Bluescreens with cryptic error messages/freeses) or having a bad user experience (updates, slow responsivenes)...
It just seams users are more forgiving with Windows or at least don't draw consequences from this.

OK, so the parts are getting newer. Found a few Gigs DDR 2 ram and this graphics card. I remember cutting the cooling for some custom case without traditional rear IO plate...

While searching for some CPU cooler mounting brackets I misplaced somewhere I found my old PC hardware. I remember that either the main board or the CPU died and since it was already old by the time I went with a whole new system. Any one in need of DDR1 memory? I guess it's not even worth putting on eBay or something. Also this beauty of graphics card.
Some how I like the cooler art.

ok, I might do this:
Build a PC with custom housing only using PC parts I already have or can get for free.
I think I can get my hands on an i5 for the 1155 maybe even the 1150 socket. Some ddr3 ram. And I should have a selection of cooling blocks somewhere.

TFW you want to build a new Gaming PC and already hunt down all the parts at good rates. But buying would be a waste of money since you don't have time or motivation for gaming anymore.

Just noticed, that on both wallpapers, the logo is mirrored😅
Guess I will make another one tomorrow. Sorry.

@lucidiot As stated in my other post: The default wallpaper of a popular OS😅
I kind of liked that wallpaper, but it didn't showcase the OS of my choice. So I fixed it XD

I made another . Basically an improvement of my previous one.
this time in 4k. It's , so reupload it wherever you want.

I made an
today. It's so download, use, modify and reupload it!


(Inspired by the default wallpaper of a popular OS)

@ParadeGrotesque yes, switched to mosh. Makes stuff easier. But it's still a pain

Working on a server over ssh from an constantly breaking connection is the worst.

Just moved a bunch of server side scripts and non static resources of a server out of documentRoot to a save place at ~ to avoid leaking source or unintended direct calls 💪

Watching and reading about modern hardware (like presented at the CES) always makes me value my existing perfectly working hardware a little less. Frustrating to see all that powerful graphic cards, CPUs, VR glasses and curved widescreen Monitors knowing that it will be a few years till I can afford any of them due to them being outdated by that time again by even better hardware...

But since the forceband can directly talk with the droid without an smartphone inbetween and we have some knowledge about the droids BLE api maybe we can reverse engineer that and create a dummy droid to connect to. 🤔
However that would need someone putting a lot of time in there.

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