Progress on my custom mini itx case.
Having too much flex with the 4mm wood. So I will add some metal parts as support. I have to recut the wood parts anyway.
I am worried that the pcie 16 riser cable might not work, since I haven't tried it and it looks like it might loose contacts and there are a lot of ppl having problems with similar products😨

Pro Tipp: If your main board doesn't do anything at all, except constantly spinning the fans, check the (pdf) manual of the board if there should be a jumper for the bios that is missing.
Who needs a case anyway?

OK, so the parts are getting newer. Found a few Gigs DDR 2 ram and this graphics card. I remember cutting the cooling for some custom case without traditional rear IO plate...

While searching for some CPU cooler mounting brackets I misplaced somewhere I found my old PC hardware. I remember that either the main board or the CPU died and since it was already old by the time I went with a whole new system. Any one in need of DDR1 memory? I guess it's not even worth putting on eBay or something. Also this beauty of graphics card.
Some how I like the cooler art.

I made another . Basically an improvement of my previous one.
this time in 4k. It's , so reupload it wherever you want.

I made an
today. It's so download, use, modify and reupload it!


(Inspired by the default wallpaper of a popular OS)

Does anyone know how to contact any dev at directly?
I am looking for an documentation of the protocol or even an api.
The support doesn't even understand what I am talking about. It's kind of frustrating, since they have good documentation for the sphero robots. Also the band had ifttt support some time ago, but since ifttt tried to charge them for usage, this feature was removed :(

You should think at some point it can't get worse...

Translation: Update 20 of 17 is getting installed...

condensed down to an universal 32 color pack:
I plan do write a simple python script that takes a texture and a pallette (as image file) as input and clamps the colors of the texture to those on the pallette. So I can test different palletes fast...

A balanced for or other ().
For sure you want to pick your own subset of those and not use all of them. But I guess that will happen on it's own once you start and find a style. So this is a good starting point.
This was designed using HSV color space:
- Colors on the top row are 100% S 100% V and H in steps of 45°
- 2. row: 50% S 100% V
- 3. row: 75% S 100% V
- 4. row: 100% S 75% V
- 5. row: 100% S 50% V
- 6. row: 50% S 50% V

OK, since ppl like cat pics, here are some.
Uhh.. ? Or something?
(I am cat sitting him..)

I like this shop, it not only sells electronic components and has a huge storage, but also offers these workstations in case you don't have solder stations or simply are a hardware hacker on travel.

another I enjoyed very much is "Transistor"
A lot of hack and slash combo action in a cyberpunkish setting.
There is a tactical time freeze mode thing and your weapon doubles as cyberdeck...
"Transistor seamlessly integrates thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, melding responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. During the course of the adventure, you will piece together the Transistor's mysteries as you pursue its former owners."

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