Sometimes I hear people argue, that Linux is to user unfriendly or a bad user experience or something along these lines.
But when I then turn to Windows and how not only myself, but also exclusive Windows users, can run into trouble (for example Bluescreens with cryptic error messages/freeses) or having a bad user experience (updates, slow responsivenes)...
It just seams users are more forgiving with Windows or at least don't draw consequences from this.

Like I had a friend who reinstated windows from scratch every year to keep the system fast and in good shape.
Others just blame it on the old hardware whenever windows is slow. However basic office work and a responsive Desktop should be absolutely no problem these days even on 20 years old hardware.


When something goes wrong with Windows, users can blame Windows.

When something goes wrong with Linux, users usually need to blame themselves.

Being able to blame a detached evil corporation is easier to stomach.

What are you talking about?
They paid for it, therefore it's better !
Don't tell me my expensive car is a piece of junk. I don't want to hear.
Well... that's the mentality...
Personally, whenever I had to use #Microsoft Windows, I was getting, after a while, really annoyed. In #Linux things are much easier to do.

attitude: "This thing didn't work in a different way than I am used to it not working!"

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