Watching and reading about modern hardware (like presented at the CES) always makes me value my existing perfectly working hardware a little less. Frustrating to see all that powerful graphic cards, CPUs, VR glasses and curved widescreen Monitors knowing that it will be a few years till I can afford any of them due to them being outdated by that time again by even better hardware...

@cy it's a tricky treadmill, but soon it'll all be free in dumpsters

can't beat that deal!

@cy For me that is offset by the folks who can afford new and shiny never using it for helpful things. I mean, games and apps, "cool". But until a tech becomes accessibile is it useful to our species? ^_^

@cy I would be perfectly happy if they stopped creating new things which don’t do anything much different from the old things, & spent say five years making everything work the way it’s supposed to. Every one of those new shineys is just a whited sepulchre of technical debt.

@cy I like to look at it as my shopping list for five years from now. Let somebody else pay the early-adopter tax. Suckers.

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