Does anyone know how to contact any dev at directly?
I am looking for an documentation of the protocol or even an api.
The support doesn't even understand what I am talking about. It's kind of frustrating, since they have good documentation for the sphero robots. Also the band had ifttt support some time ago, but since ifttt tried to charge them for usage, this feature was removed :(

Maybe someone with a account can help me and try to contact them there: @SpheroEdu


ok, I managed to get to someone at sphero who understands what I am talking about. However the response is a little disappointing:

"We unfortunately do not have an open API on any of our Disney products. We decided to cancel ifttt since it was the least used feature in the app and we wanted to but our efforts more into features that have the most value.

I apologize for the disappointment."

But since the forceband can directly talk with the droid without an smartphone inbetween and we have some knowledge about the droids BLE api maybe we can reverse engineer that and create a dummy droid to connect to. 🤔
However that would need someone putting a lot of time in there.

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