Now that is owned by Microsoft. What alternatives can you recommend?
Or should I just place my sources on my own page (what might increase the barrier for ppl to contribute significantly)

@cy has someone said ‘sourceforge’ already? I hear they’re ok (but I’m probably wrong, as always). Putting them on your own page sounds cool too!

@cy a federated decentralized alternative ala mastodon, pixelfed etc that's yet to be developed.

Might be overkill but could be neat. I've been wondering the same myself and considered setting up a simple git frontend on my own (there's a bunch I forget the names though). Or you could use gitlab, people have issues with that too.

@GeekDaddy @cy I use gitea. It's a bit less feature complete, but not a massive resource hog

@cy You could try a self-hosted #GitLab instance, or just use their servers.

@cy friendly reminder that git is actually a distributed VCS, you can set up some gitweb/cgit and then mirror onto GitHub/gitlab for fault tolerance. You don't actually need GitHub.

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