A balanced for or other ().
For sure you want to pick your own subset of those and not use all of them. But I guess that will happen on it's own once you start and find a style. So this is a good starting point.
This was designed using HSV color space:
- Colors on the top row are 100% S 100% V and H in steps of 45°
- 2. row: 50% S 100% V
- 3. row: 75% S 100% V
- 4. row: 100% S 75% V
- 5. row: 100% S 50% V
- 6. row: 50% S 50% V


condensed down to an universal 32 color pack:
I plan do write a simple python script that takes a texture and a pallette (as image file) as input and clamps the colors of the texture to those on the pallette. So I can test different palletes fast...

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