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Hi there.
I am a and currently located in .
You can talk or with me.
I am working in R&D and you can for example talk with me about:



( )

Also you can follow me, but don’t expect a lot of public toots from me. So I won’t spam your timeline XD

Coworker: 'what's your favorite type of nut?'
me: 'M3 hex nut' 🙃

When you do research to find a good speed for your dialog typewriter effect in 😅

Average reading speed was 300 Words per Minute.
Looks it's a little going down towards the 200WPM nowerdays since ppl read less.
Average word length is 5 letters + 1 for the space after each word
So that makes 300*6 = 1800 chars per minute
So 30 per sec
To not slow down fast (above average) readers I think one should go with atleast 40 to 50.


Maybe we just need an email app, that has an interface that looks more like WhatsApp or telegram.

The reason I am so interested in this thought is, that email is a long and widely used system AND it is decentralized as everyone can host a server giving a home to multiple users


I am thinking about quitting telegram and these kind of services altogether.
If you think about it, they don't really provide any feature, that emails don't (maybe to make a voice call. But I can use plain old phone function for that)

The only thing I can think of is the speed it takes from me sending till the other user gets a notification on their phone. But I have to test this and check where the bottleneck is.

studio is kinda messy in my opinion.
I tried to make a gridview yesterday and it kinda makes sense now, but it took me way to long to fully get the concepts behind this.

Maybe because I was coming from that makes things like this super easy. And godot can export to android as well🤔

Actually I made a few android apps with but it lacks access to some android specific features (or it's just very hard to make a hack-around).

Some thing else:
Anyone interested in the

I registered this one for a game I was developing, but never finished.
boosts welcome

Bonus points for non violent concepts.

Anyone: A videogame idea that is possible to handle for a small team and wasn't done before.
Anyone interested in a collaboration? (preferred game engine)

on is getting way more enjoyable since I started playing more and more indie games.
Often they simply provide a Linux build for download and I am set.
The sad thing is, that some move to if they are successful and only release new versions there.
But I don't want to have steam on my system, since it's a huge junk of proprietary, market controlling software

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I don't come here often these days (social media / emotional well-being type stuff) but I didn't want you good folks to miss out.

Short story: I'm giving my game away in exchange for feedback. and click BE A BETA TESTER if you're into it.

If you're missing my #GameDev output I'm still using birdsite for it, because that the cost of doing business. If you're still there you're welcome to follow along. 💖 It's all pretty impersonal though.

Progress on my custom mini itx case.
Having too much flex with the 4mm wood. So I will add some metal parts as support. I have to recut the wood parts anyway.
I am worried that the pcie 16 riser cable might not work, since I haven't tried it and it looks like it might loose contacts and there are a lot of ppl having problems with similar products😨

Just realized, that I won't be able to switch the ram without removing the CPU cooler once the new one is in place.
But I guess that will be fine for now. 😅
Or are there ram slot risers/extenders? 🤔

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

Pro Tipp: If your main board doesn't do anything at all, except constantly spinning the fans, check the (pdf) manual of the board if there should be a jumper for the bios that is missing.
Who needs a case anyway?

Like I had a friend who reinstated windows from scratch every year to keep the system fast and in good shape.
Others just blame it on the old hardware whenever windows is slow. However basic office work and a responsive Desktop should be absolutely no problem these days even on 20 years old hardware.

Sometimes I hear people argue, that Linux is to user unfriendly or a bad user experience or something along these lines.
But when I then turn to Windows and how not only myself, but also exclusive Windows users, can run into trouble (for example Bluescreens with cryptic error messages/freeses) or having a bad user experience (updates, slow responsivenes)...
It just seams users are more forgiving with Windows or at least don't draw consequences from this.

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