ok, for some reason they stopped working again🙈

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I think the next weeks will give us a lot of improvements, now that a lot of ppl got their new .
I will test it as daily driver next week and see how it goes.

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I might have the telegram notifications working now on my . Instead of using the telegram-desktop client I added my telegram account to the 'Chats' app. Depending on your distro you might have to install the needed add-on first to make telegram accounts available in 'Chats'. I am using the latest arch image. That has this add-on installed already. Strange thing is that the same app doesn't manage to notify me on new SMS. But they arrive.

On the plus side. Flashing new images to the phone is super easy!

I got my pinephone yesterday. I already tried multiple OS. I found arch linux performing the best so far. However on all images there was no solution that allowed me to receive notifications for incoming messages (sms/telegram) while the phone is in standby (screen off in my pocket). Did anyone get the notifications working? This is a must have for a lot of users!


Can anyone explain to me for what purpose they made these traces zigzag / in a wave form?
btw: The pic is from an rpi 3b

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