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Hi there.
I am a and currently located in .
You can talk or with me.
I am working in R&D and you can for example talk with me about:



( )

Also you can follow me, but don’t expect a lot of public toots from me. So I won’t spam your timeline XD

Hallo, hat wer Ahnung wie ich an bzw. oder komme?

Boosts sind wilkommen.

I have been playing the indie game "FAR: Lone Sails"
Sadly it's neither long nor challenging.
But the atmosphere is amazing.

"FAR: Lone Sails is a vehicle adventure game. In a unique vehicle you travel across a dried-out ocean following the tracks of a once thriving civilization. Through an array of roadblocks and through hazardous weather you need to keep your vessel going. Where will this journey take you? Are you the last of your kind?"

Little update on the pirate box I placed some time ago at the university

This is your friendly reminder, that is now owned by (aka: M$).

Thank you for your attention,
have a nice day.

one of my coworkers just replaced himself sitting in front of a computer with a life sized cardboard print. I got a very strange feeling before realising it was a cardboard when I saw it from far away through the door in the dim office and he looked like frozen 😨 😅 is pretty cool, but has one Problem...
But the support is fast and you can self host the comunity version or use as guest

oh, I forgot, that doesn't like germany :(
Well, it is proxy time...

Hallo Nürnberg \o/

A programming language, that produces a nice output if you throw the code into a markdown interpreter 🤔

Hat jemand eine Fertige Präsentation zum Thema "Verschlüsselte E-Mails"
Zielgruppe: Übermüdete Studenten (gemischte Fachrichtungen)
Dauer: c.a. 45min

Boosts oder @ von möglichen ansprechpatnern ist willkommen.

I need one of those power splitters 😂

Wie have updated our privacy policy to ..

.. Whatever this is ..

I have a few machines I rarely boot (like once a Month). So I can be pretty certain they will brick my internet connection and resources doing those annoying when I start them up (some how the "active hours" setting won't work, maybe cause I never have them running at inactive hours?). But I discovered these options to limit bandwith. So hopefully this will do..

You realize, that international towel day is also the international day of social engineering?

Happy towel day, fellow travelers!

So, if I create an picture I can choose from a set of premade licences and just say, it's licenced under "cc-by-sa 3.0" for example instead of creating a licence text myself..

So... Why aren't there any privacy policy you can just refer to?
Like "pp-np-ns 1.0" or something?
(privacy policy - non person identifiable - no sharing)

Or are there?

Got a 'new' headlight for my Motorcycle.
It's from a Yamaha and actually it should be the oldest part on this bike. The whole bike is from the early 80s

Hello SDF
Our instance is running 2.3.2
So we where not affected by the security issue you may read ppl of other instances tooting about.
Since the issue is fixed now we also don't have to fear an update of your instance to the newest version..

Remember that time when EU Politicians Mobile numbers where leaked by a high res picture posted on some PR website?
Wonder how many of them still work...

You know, the default setting for telegram is to delete your account if you haven't been on for 6 months?
However I am not ready to let this conversation go, yet.. Even after 6 Months 😖