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Hi there.
I am a and currently located in .
You can talk or with me.
I am working in R&D and you can for example talk with me about:



( )

Also you can follow me, but don’t expect a lot of public toots from me. So I won’t spam your timeline XD

I made an
today. It's so download, use, modify and reupload it!


(Inspired by the default wallpaper of a popular OS)

Working on a server over ssh from an constantly breaking connection is the worst.

Just moved a bunch of server side scripts and non static resources of a server out of documentRoot to a save place at ~ to avoid leaking source or unintended direct calls 💪

Watching and reading about modern hardware (like presented at the CES) always makes me value my existing perfectly working hardware a little less. Frustrating to see all that powerful graphic cards, CPUs, VR glasses and curved widescreen Monitors knowing that it will be a few years till I can afford any of them due to them being outdated by that time again by even better hardware...

But since the forceband can directly talk with the droid without an smartphone inbetween and we have some knowledge about the droids BLE api maybe we can reverse engineer that and create a dummy droid to connect to. 🤔
However that would need someone putting a lot of time in there.

ok, I managed to get to someone at sphero who understands what I am talking about. However the response is a little disappointing:

"We unfortunately do not have an open API on any of our Disney products. We decided to cancel ifttt since it was the least used feature in the app and we wanted to but our efforts more into features that have the most value.

I apologize for the disappointment."

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Maybe someone with a account can help me and try to contact them there: @SpheroEdu

I am burning for 2 new ideas. However one is Multiplayer only and therefore you can't play it on your own. Do you'd need a friend or someone else looking to play online at the same time. Changes for the 2nd will be quite low since it won't get a large user base (got to be realistic there). However I guess if you have a friend to play with, it will make for challenging matches. 🤔
The other is a physics simulation based puzzle game BTW

Maybe someone with a account can help me and try to contact them there: @SpheroEdu

Does anyone know how to contact any dev at directly?
I am looking for an documentation of the protocol or even an api.
The support doesn't even understand what I am talking about. It's kind of frustrating, since they have good documentation for the sphero robots. Also the band had ifttt support some time ago, but since ifttt tried to charge them for usage, this feature was removed :(

almoast allone in office today. Only one from the cleaning crew was there in the morning and one coworker. Peaceful....

Spending the last day of this Year sorting my files on several HDDs.
Of cause later some party and fireworks 🚀 🎉
Happy new year everyone.
When you look back, try to value the good things. And think about all the good things that might come in 2019, whatever that might be.

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The Internet Protocol, 1974: We have over 60.000 ports for applications to use

The Real Internet, 2018: Anything not sent on port 80 or 443 will *probably* break
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Now that is owned by Microsoft. What alternatives can you recommend?
Or should I just place my sources on my own page (what might increase the barrier for ppl to contribute significantly)

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The only thing I regret about buying my 13'' laptop: Not enough space for stickers😅

TFW you can't decide what side project you should put your spare time in.
Generally speaking: The more urgent and boring the thing you should do instead of side projects is, the more you feel the urge to start a new side project. 😓

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