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Hi there.
I am a and currently located in .
You can talk or with me.
I am working in R&D and you can for example talk with me about:



( )

Also you can follow me, but don’t expect a lot of public toots from me. So I won’t spam your timeline XD

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So I've been using Syncthing for like 2 weeks now and it has really become a very "set it up and forget it" thing for me. it's excellent!

"Does T-Mobile Austria in fact store customers’ passwords in clear text [..] what if your infrastructure gets breached and everyone’s password is published in plaintext to the whole wide world?"

T-Mobile Austria:
‏"What if this doesn't happen because our security is amazingly good?"

Warum ist im Bericht über alternative soziale Netzwerke eigentlich nicht drinnen?

These free to play pinball machines at where awesome. I love pinball machines, best way to game while getting your eyes off the screen..

since some seam to like them, some more party coded shaders. Feeling like a troll between all these pros here...

First ever demo shader. Coded during first night (well, early morning) of at . Couldn't sleep (not sleepy enough)..
The event is super fun so far!

you can find me on irc as cy_newcomer at

That one software Microsoft got right. Atleast for the messy kind of user...

(Oh wait: No Backup of a deleted note? Still good.
Lets wait untill they roll their cloud stuff on it and ruin it...)

Is anyone going to the -party this year?
Boosts appreciated...

- March 30th to April 2nd
- Saarbrücken, Germany
- no need to get tickets prior to the event


Stephen William Hawking (* 8. Januar 1942; † 14. März 2018)
Rest in Peace

Making the Motorcycle ready for the next season..
Expect more pictures when it stops raining...

A; B Run A then B
A && B Run B if A succeeded
A || B Run B if A failed
A & Run A in background

crap, should have CW ed that, sorry!

Welcome to Germany, where we can still make fun of whoever we like.
(at least one day of the year..)