alright hp go fuck yourself
unless this is a freebsd issue

"Error displaying previous error."
This is a week or so old picture and I don't remember what I was doing when it occurred. At least I got a possible meme format out of it.

I got a Sony Clie NX70V. The only things I'm missing are a stylus and a battery that can hold a charge. I've got a battery on it's way and I'm using a DS stylus. In the meantime it's just kinda tethered to the wall.

I just finished Quake on Nightmare difficulty on the 3DS homebrew port.

My DS Lite now has FlashMe.
Now it has:
-No bootscreen, skips DS logo and health/safety warning.
-Brick Protection(tm)
-Had SP1 shorted via flathead screwdriver to facilitate said install.
-Made me wonder just how many DSs had to be sacrificed for this to be made.

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